My Review - Tiger Muay Thai In Phuket Thailand
Be ready, this can be a lengthy publish. This required us a while to obtain around to penning this, mostly because I've been busy with a lot of issues since my go back to america, including health insurance and job hunting. I additionally wasnt sure with what format I needed to rate/evaluate the camps I trained (will train) at. I believe I finally made the decision on the Letter Grade method instead of a numbering system. Listed here are the next groups I'll rate the camps with:



Training Routine



Population/Student Body




Tiger Kick Boxing

Facilities  A+

The facilities at Tiger are undoubtedly among the talents of Tiger Kick Boxing. The ability is first class, including 6 Kick Boxing Rings and 1 MMA Cage. I really attended the camping immediately after the development on 3 new rings, together with a new Beginners Training Area was completed. The brand new area featured a pleasant shown wall, and like several working out areas, completely matted flooring. The camping also offers a large number of bags to operate on, in addition to a weight lifting area. Additionally, you will find lots of areas to sit down and relax throughout down-time, like the Tiger Grill and also the eating area, or even the computer area while watching primary office. The camping also includes a professional shop (although it's a little pricey). Honestly, there is not much bad to say of the facilities at Tiger. Tiger does a great job in permitting for training areas because of its 3 different quantity of a Kick Boxing program, along with the separate MMA program, along with a Yoga class.

Training Routine  A-

Every morning begins by helping cover their a half hour optional technique class. The category is a superb chance to understand and refine specific techniques including from clinch try to defensive techniques and much more. If anybody is thinking about training at Tiger, I would recommend using this class. Following Technique class, you'll skip rope for around 20-half an hour, after which go onto group stretching. Following this, you wrap both hands, after which begin in a rotation of Bag/Pad/Live training work. Bandar Bola Usually you need to do each for between three to five models, 3 minutes each. Among each round would be a mandatory 10 push-ups. You need to do this inside a rotation so youll do 3 models of bag work, then 3 models of pad work, then 3 models of live training for instance. After this, youll perform a specific technique around the bag, or having a partner, for any set quantity of occasions. Good examples are 200 kicks, 100 skip knees, etc. Sometimes they'll vary this and rather you'll work technique like a counter to some kick. The session models lower with 200-300 sit-ups and 150 push-ups, along with group stretch. You will find also option running class rather than technique class, and there's a choice of taking Yoga each morning. The session lasts about 4 hrs.

The MMA program is slightly different. It begins later, and finishes sooner than the Kick Boxing. You finish up getting less fitness throughout the MMA, but a lot more technique. The MMA reveals having a half hour warm-up and group stretch. After that, its about technique. The teachers can have a method, and you take action for five minutes, and discover another technique, etc. This continues for 40 minutes approximately, and ultimately you take through all of them again. After this, you decide to go live and obtain the chance to use the strategy. Sometimes its free for those moving, while in other cases you practice protecting a particular situation, for example somebody taking the back. The MMA periods dont finish with any type of group stretching or warm downs. MMA classes continue for about 3 hrs. I'd have loved more fitness in the MMA program, but overall both programs rate perfectly.

Trainers  B-

Its tough that i can rate this category this low, thinking about which i thought working out routine was great and that i really loved a few of the trainers. Among my personal favorite trainers were Ajarn Mac, and Kru Nai and Kru Sornpitchai (both former Lumpinee Champions). I additionally believed that the guest MMA teachers in the Freestyle Fight Academy, David and Marcos were great. Really I figured that they are excellent teachers, and a fantastic choice by TMT as substitutes for Ray.

That can bring me to one thing I had been disappointed in. After I arranged my visit to go train at Tiger, among the primary causes of me selecting Tiger instead of another school was for the opportunity to train with Ray Elbe. I'd heard plenty of wonderful reasons for Ray just before attending the camping, and that i was disappointed he was from the camping throughout time there. For the finish of camping, I found that he was in america, competing within the UFC Reality Show  The Best Fighter. I had been certainly happy for the prosperity of Ray, but disappointed which i was not able to coach with him. I guess it'll produce grounds to return.

Another factor which was a small inconvenience was that every trainer shows things slightly different. One trainer will correct your technique on the kick possibly, after which later on that day, or the following day, once you have practiced the strategy one of the ways, another trainer will say you do it wrong, and demonstrate an alternative way. It eventually ends up as being a little frustrating. This is when taking private training is a fairly benefit. Privately training, you receive a large amount of one on one time having a trainer, and you may really form your technique. I suggest taking several per week if you're able to afford it when you are at Tiger.

Finally, the greatest reason why the trainers obtained so low, was the trainer through the title of Robert Lek. You realize the old saying, one bad apple spoils the bunch, well which was the situation here. One bad trainer destroyed my overall opinion from the trainers, in other words the score with this category. I'd several negative instances with Robert which i was bothered with, however the greatest came throughout week 2 of my training. There is a strange number of individuals for live training on that day, and so i wound up live training with Robert. Now, the thought of live training is suppose to become light live training in which you go between 50 -75%, and you're matched up with individuals of comparable physique and clearly level of experience, because you're in an designated area (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Well, Robert went just a little beyond light live training.

Thinking about he's an instructor that has had over 100 fights and it has been practicing Kick Boxing his entire existence, I do not think he must have been going full-scale beside me. Additionally, I had been nursing several damaged bones within my right feet, which made utilizing it no option. So essentially, Robert beat on an unskilled partly crippled guy, exclusively with regards to feeding his ego. I only say that, since it simply wasn't in my benefit. If there was a lesson throughout the session, like a trainer, he must have pointed it. For example, basically was doing a problem, he must have maybe labeled me one or two occasions, after which stopped and demonstrated me how to proceed, or otherwise do, to prevent it. I had been very disappointed this specific experience. When I stated, there have been other encounters both just before and now incident, but I'm not likely to recap all of them. It's important that i can explain that this is actually the exception, and never the rule. 95% from the trainers at Tiger are first class and very professional. Robert simply has some ageing to complete, and could possess some bitterness towards farangs. Once more, the majority of the trainers at Tiger are exceptional, and overall you'll have a great knowledge about them, however i did want to indicate this gloomy, to ensure that hopefully it will likely be addressed and can improve later on, for other people and myself (after i go back to Tiger the next time.)

There have been some vibrant spots so far as the trainers go which i want to say. I stated that a couple of my personal favorite trainers were Sornpitchai and Nai. They'd great energy and were fun to utilize. I labored together a great deal throughout Technique class, plus they held pads for me personally many occasions. Each of them were really former Lumpinee champions.

I additionally required some private training both in Kick Boxing and MMA. Used to do several periods in Kick Boxing with Ajarn Mac, that has over 4 decades experience training/teaching in Kick Boxing. He was great to utilize. He demonstrated me many techniques, as well as demonstrated me some Muay Boran. I'd certainly recommend a little private training with him, should you go. Also, a couple of buddies of mine did private training with Nazzee and Rhet. Additionally they had great energy, and I would suggest them also. Kick Boxing private training at Tiger are an inexpensive 700 baht, and therefore are between 1 hr and 1 hr 15 mins. You are able to allow the trainer figure out what to operate on, or let them know particularly what you would like to operate on and they'll assist you to.

For the MMA training, since Ray wasnt around, I labored using the second in command within the MMA program, Andreas Hasselbeck. Andreas provides extensive experience of Grappling and could assist me to gather a lot of techniques. When I have stated before, Grappling is my weak spot, and Andreas instruction was clutch. My pal Jordan and that i split the category, so everyone compensated 400 baht per session. That's the easiest method to take an MMA lesson, since the instructor can demonstrate on another person the reason why you watch, and the other way around. In my opinion Ray has returned now, so that you can presently take periods with either Ray or Andreas. If you do not cash experience of MMA or BJJ, a little private training can catch you up to date really quick.

Administration/Office  C+

 This really is another weak position for Tiger. All of the office staff are friendly, although not as useful when i might have loved. The fundamental impression I had been playing was This Really Is Thailand, and thats type of the attitude everybody has. Things I found bad about this, is you've got a camping where 98% of the customers are Western, and also the owner is Western, I type of felt that you ought to possess a Western method of conducting business. Honestly, the camping could most likely take advantage of a Western Office Manager, to right the ship. I'd believe that job, whether it ever reveals.

An area I'd an issue with was my lodging. After I approached the camping, I specified which i wanted an area right in the camping. I needed to have the ability to open my door and go out and train every day. After I showed up, there is not room in the camping, so that they arranged a camping in the future for me personally. I appreciate they made it happen, also it switched to be much better accommodiations which i might have had at Tiger, however i particularly conveyed that my primary goal was to stay in housing around the camping. Furthermore, since I wasn't in the camping, I had been not able to pay for with CC, and needed to pay with cash rather, which meant I needed to get more money wired in. Lots of this might have been resolved in advance with increased effective communication in the office. Actually, Used to do communicate backwards and forwards using the office in regards to a dozen occasions before my arrival, and that i particularly requested queries about using CC and also the cost in my room and training. Once more, there is a few other minor instances, but they're everything that may be, and hopefully are remedied for future years.

Lodging  B-

Im basing this score off 2 things, my off-site Lodging in the Character House, and my buddies who located at Tiger. I remained in a place known as The Character House. It had been a couple minute walk in the future. I'd Certainly recommend remaining there. From things i understand the majority of the rooms at Tiger are budget rooms with shared lavatories. The Character House was great, 12000 baht per month, (about $400 US) also it were built with aOrD, Cable, Internet along with a private bathroom. The folks were really accommodating. My room was washed every single day, they required proper care of me after i was sick, etc. Actually, after my motor cycle injuries, they really drove me towards the hospital and perform the pharmacy to obtain medicine. They've 6 rooms there, and you will find another group of bungalows there through the same family, known as Family Bungalows The rates are identical, and they're just like nice.

From things i comprehend the Lodging at Tiger are pretty fundamental. Most of the rooms really have shared lavatories, and most of them are without air. This time around of the season its getting pretty hot there, along with a couple of of my buddies who'd an area at Tiger wound up moving in the future for whether private bath, or AC. I saw a few of the rooms, also it wasnt much to create home about. The 2 large benefits of remaining at Tiger are really the cost and placement. The cost for the majority of the Budget rooms have to do with 5000 baht per month. That's over fifty percent the main difference of remaining in a place like I remained at, which cost 12000. An additional advantage is that you could literally walk outdoors and begin training. I am certain basically was remaining at camping, I'd did more off hrs training, for example live training, bag work, etc.

Student Body/Population  A+

This really is undoubtedly among the best characteristics of Tiger. You finish up meeting individuals from around the globe, and developing very good relationships, plus an appreciation for some individuals and cultures. I wound up meeting many people, not just in the people in the bungalows which i was remaining at, but additionally just hanging out up in the camping. A few of the great people I met were: Erik, Spend, Stevie, Wil, Muriel, James, Sera, Chris, Matthew, Jordan, Nick, Bobby, Glenn, Mitto and much more. I met individuals from Australia, England, France, Sweden, Singapore, USA and lots of other areas. It had been truly the good thing from the trip, and really it helped me be interested in and visit other areas too. Here's one pic of me and a few of the gang following the TMT smoker fight.

Website  A-

Honestly, it was among the primary reasons which i choose this camping. Even just before their recent website upgrade, I had been impressed using their website. Captured, they really up-to-date the website and it is now better still. It's more organized, and offers quite a bit more content. Additionally they do a great job integrating content from sites for example YouTube, Facebook, etc. that you should interact with on several mediums. The website provides almost all you need to know just before visiting the college. The web site is great, plus they perform a tremendous job getting a powerful presence on the web.

Intangibles  A

This really is type of just like a Miscellaneous section, to incorporate other things I did not cover within the other sections. One factor that Tiger does very well would be to organize procuring curricular activities monthly. It appeared like there is almost something to complete every weekend. Throughout my 4 days at camping, I attended 2 stadium fights, in addition to a TMT Smoker Fight at camping. Additionally they organize group activities for example bowling, beach training, Large Buddah outings, etc. I had been really pleased with this part of the camping. It certainly helps promote oneness and provides a need to wish to return and train again.

Overall  B+

So generate income wound up determining certifying ended up being to assign each category instructions grade, which grade means a number value. (A+ = 4.5, A = 4, A- = 3.75, B+ = 3.5, etc.) Yes, a b+ will get yet another .25 bonus, and each other step increases/decreases by .25. After I put my figures in to the formula, the ultimate grade for Tiger would be a 3.6 which basically is really a B+, that we think is really a fair and accurate score from my experience at Tiger. I'll include that I'll certainly go back to Tiger later on, hopefully over the following year. Judi Bola I believe its obvious that overall, I would suggest this area for other people to coach at. Tiger has programs for everybody in the beginner towards the person searching to coach for any fight. If only Tiger the very best on their own ongoing success and anticipate training there again.

Thank you for making the effort to see this publish, Yes, it would be a lengthy one. Don't hesitate to comment with any queries you might have, recommendations for additional groups, or demands for future camps that i can review.
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