Thailand Bangkok Pattaya Tour
After breakfast, visit Thailand's National Tourism Bureau designated] [Royal Jewellery Center (about two hours), created in Thailand to savor the planet-famous red-colored azure. [Center] towards the nest after (about an hour) Lunch within the Guinness Book of World Records the earth's biggest skating restaurant restaurant [City], following the ride following the wealthy Asian resort --- the status of Pattaya beach resort, appointments with [Golden Triangular in northern Thailand style tea garden +] (30 points), eight outings to go to points of interest: 1 lengthy neck tribe in Mae Salong and Duwang documentary 2 93 division military military Wen Shiguan 3 kinds of jewel stone display from the original Hall 4 weapons exhibition hall 5. Torture Museum 6 ethnic village in northern Thailand 7 small Mae Salong 8 free product samples no pesticide mountain tea Golden Triangular, where one can so you don't to northern Thailand, but additionally provides you with a much better knowledge of Golden Triangular in northern Thailand ethnic unprivileged live, after which take part in riding yangtze cruise cost tigers in Thailand [+ carriage + expedition ship The Second World War] Crocodile Lake (about 40 minutes), [Lake] crocodile expedition ship fight your very best to create sufficient formulations for this. The audience way of the very first [elephant], forest fields like step years old benefit from the unique atmosphere of Thailand. After charging in to the Dragon boat will require the expedition, to help remind you need to do give consideration to safety. However, following the don't need to help remind offshore, and college buddies were encircled by small and big crocodiles. How you can feed the crocodile] [Please are experiencing, however the ferocious crocodiles prey huge billowing whizzing seem, Judi Bola heard people not Haner quiet, you're asked for to hands from the line. Anxiety about college buddies [carriage] to depart the impressive Thai crocodile lake. During the night [the East Ocean Princess Dolphin + beauty + beer drinks limitless drinks], (about an hour) watching the astonishing Simon, Simon is another beautiful photo using the boat along with the local band Simon Circus, enjoy Enjoy the good thing about East Hawaii. Following the coupons can also enjoy complimentary evening to sign up in other exciting programs.

Travel Tips:

1 using the principle of freedom shopping, purchase your own. For those who have a wish to look, please carefully three gorges tour before shopping goods compared to quality, cost and habitat. It is recommended that you shop with caution

(2) the dominion of Thailand is really a tip, a multitude of locations are needed to pay for the end. If pressure within the suboccipital get daily tips, photo tips and Simon, towards the boatman's boat ... tip tip ... beginning point for that payment of 20 baht. Tipping Don't use coins.
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